panama_joe (panama_joe) wrote,


Mad Men : because your granparents' clothes were kinda hot on younger people.

The season ends on a scene-setter instead of a cliffhanger : thus is the subtle genius of Matthew Weiner.

Holy crap, Jessica Paré can really act! Faye Miller gets dumped because of her obvious resemblance to Hilary Clinton. Betty completes her metamorphosis into Cruella DeVille. Don's actions seem inexplicable at first, but make sense upon re-watching. Roger continues to get the best line of the episode. Peggy finally learns how to pitch. Joan cuckolds her idiot husband. Lane Pryce continues to be the show's only adult. Pete has gotten marginally more sympathetic. Cosgrove has ethics, or something. Crane is that dork I used to work with. Glenn will shoot at people from water towers when he grows up. Sally Draper is reasonably believable. Bobby Draper re-appears occasionally. Anna Draper is still dead.
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