panama_joe (panama_joe) wrote,


It's always embarrassing to see somebody using outdated, offensive terminology.

Case in point.

Sometimes I get my lunch at a place called Soma Chicken in Rincon Center.  They make a delightful salad composed of chicken, greens, mandarin oranges, scallions, sliced almonds, fried Chinese noodles, corkscrew pasta, shredded carrots, and a delicious honey sesame dressing.  However, they've chosen to burden this wonderful salad with the unfortunate moniker "Oriental Chicken Salad."

And I'm like, really?  Oriental?  What is this, the 70s?  I mean, at least give it a nationality or physical location.  Do we really need to define this salad in terms of its relation to the West?  Doesn't that mean they should also have an Occidental Chicken Salad?

And of course, it doesn't help that the woman who works the register is actually Asian, causing me to use this outdated term when talking to an Asian.  Seriously, the first time I ordered it, I got to the register, and she asked, "which salad?"  And instinctively, I responded, "the Asian Chicken Salad."  To which she corrected me and said, "oh, the Oriental Chicken Salad."  AWKWARD.  So now I call it the Oriental Chicken Salad, just so as not to make the situation even more awkward.

I mean, help me out here.  Am I taking crazy pills or something?  Isn't "Oriental" sort of on par with "Colored" or "Negro?"

Anyway, what I really should do is learn how to make the salad myself.  $10.50 for a salad is kind of absurd.

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