panama_joe (panama_joe) wrote,


Could someone please explain to me
why the purveyors of plastic bottle vodka
always give their foul libations
names that would indicate some kind of social status?

I'm fucking serious here,
look at that shit next time you're in 7-11.
I mean, you've got Congress,
Country Club,
Bankers' Club,
Royal Gate,
and others.

and I'm not talking about the low-end.
i'm not talking about well vodka.
i'm talking about the really bad shit.
like, the kind that kills animals.

and i wonder
what kind of sick fuck names these things?
has he really never met the people who buy his product?
people who show up to the counter early in the day,
and buy two pints and a cup of ice
only come back four hours later,
wanting more
and the stinking homeless man
who empties his pockets onto the counter
a crumpled-up dollar bill
among cigarette butts and other pieces of trash

seriously, is this some kind of sick joke?
or just a twisted capitalist promise
that this two dollar bottle of industrial solvent
can make any man feel like a millionaire
even if that's the only decision he makes
all day
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