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This is kinda hilarious.

Basically, you text this dude and tell him that you want a grilled cheese.  And he totally makes it!  He shows up to your door 15 minutes later with a fresh grilled cheese sandwich.  Best of all, it only costs $5!  In NYC!  Nothing costs $5 in NYC!

What's weird is that I kinda had this idea a while ago.  It was more of a joke than an idea.  But basically, I'd start a website called (and also, if I got ambitious,  The idea is that you'd place an ad on this site for what kind of sandwich you want, and vendors (sandwich brokers?) would place bids on the sandwich.  And they'd have profiles and feedback and everything, so you'd have an idea of what you're getting and if they're legit.  Anyway, it would be a total neighborhood thing -- the vendors would be people who lived near you, and they'd probably make the sandwiches in their own kitchen.  You'd pick a vendor, they'd handle the transaction with you -- I don't want to deal with the financial aspect -- and then you'd rate the sandwich and post feedback.

It could also work the other way -- vendors could post sandwiches, and then customers could bid on them.  And you could totally do the same thing with salads and, um, I dunno, soup?

"What a dumb idea," I thought. "It could never work." But as Condor has pointed out on numerous occasions, it seems like only the dumbest ideas actually become successful businesses.  So maybe this is an idea whose dumb time has come.

... thinking ...
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